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Welcome to the Ontario Time Attack On-Line Car Classification Database

This site has been built by the Ontario Time Attack Car Classification Committee to enable competitors to quickly and easily classify their cars. In just a few steps you can add your car(s), enter some details, and select all modifications that apply. In addition, you can create several "PIP Schedules" for each car, allowing for "what if" scenarios. However, only one PIP Schedule per car can be submitted as the "official" PIP Schedule which descibes the car exactly as will be used in competition.

NOTE: This site is only a tool to help classify your car. It is not a replacement for the rule book! You must read the rule book and understand all sections in order to use this web site efficiently. The most current rule book is available in the Rules & Regs section of the Ontario Time Attack website Ontario Time Attack web site.

Please report any issues/bug/suggestions to the car classification committee at timeattack.ccc@casc.on.ca.

Getting Started

If you are new to the On-Line Car Classification Database, here are some helpful hints to get you started:

You can browse the list of cars currently in the database by visitng the Base Car List page

First you must create a user account. You do this by visiting the registration page, and entering your account details. Please make sure to use your full name and a valid e-mail address since that is how the Car Classification Committee will contact you regarding your submitted PIP Schedule and classification. In addition, this e-mail address will be used when you need to recover a forgotten password.

Once you have created your account and are logged in, you must add a car that will be used for competition. This is done by visiting the My Saved Cars page, and clicking on the "Add New Car" button.  Enter all your car's details, and save your changes to return to the list of cars (which should now show your newly added car). 

The next step is to create a PIP Schedule for the car. Select the car you just added by clicking the "select" link in the list of cars (the selected row will be highlighted). Next click the "Add New PIP Schedule" button. The following pages will allow you to select your modifications, and optionally enter dyno plot information.  When creating a PIP Schedule, keep the following things in mind:

  • Select ALL rules that apply to your car, even if the rules are superseded by Dyno plots or race weight submissions
  • Use the "notes" field for each modification to indicate the nature of the modification (eg: enter "koni single adjustables" for rule 6.2.B.4 - modification to shock absorbers)